Season 4

Season 4 (2019)


Episodes List

Ep.1 Chapter 25: Equality

Air Date: 2019-08-09

Carlota's new political career faces a major obstacle as Marga suffers heartbreak. Meanwhile, Lidia returns to work and Ángeles pitches an idea to her.

Ep.2 Chapter 26: Liberty

Air Date: 2019-08-09

As her memory starts to slowly come back, Carlota's friends try to clear her name. Ángeles begins teaching classes. Lidia's former enemy returns.

Ep.3 Chapter 27: Justice

Air Date: 2019-08-09

Lidia and Carlos argue over a loved one's medical treatment. Óscar makes a shocking discovery about Dulce. Marga gets to know her boss better.

Ep.4 Chapter 28: Fear

Air Date: 2019-08-09

With Carlota's future looking perilous, Óscar starts falsifying evidence to get her out of prison. A different doctor gives Lidia new hope.

Ep.5 Chapter 29: Life

Air Date: 2019-08-09

The friends begin concocting a plan to free Óscar from prison and Marga turns to Pablo for assistance. Carlos is surprised by his friend's condition.

Ep.6 Chapter 30: Doubt

Air Date: 2019-08-09

Carmen creates a deception while Carlos continues to keep Lidia in the dark. Carlota tries desperately to escape from her captor.

Ep.7 Chapter 31: Happiness

Air Date: 2019-08-09

Lidia is confused and hurt by Carlos's betrayal. An unlikely ally is enlisted to try to free Óscar. Carmen's calculating plan starts falling into place.

Ep.8 Chapter 32: Luck

Air Date: 2019-08-09

When the prison break is set in motion, the team faces unforeseen consequences. Lidia makes a heartbreaking decision in order to protect Eva.