Special Delivery

Special Delivery (2022-01-12)

Action | Crime |


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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 109m
  • Popularity: 266.136
  • Language: ko
  • Budget: $0
  • Revenue: $0
  • Vote Average: 7.165
  • Vote Count: 133

  • MovieGuys

    Special Delivery, really isn't that special but its not "bad" either. This film is a by the numbers action, crime proposition, that works competently enough but does nothing, that really sets it apart, either. Well perhaps, having a female lead but then that's not all that special, these days. Car chases are done really well and the limited action is polished but somehow I felt something more, was needed. I think perhaps the problem with this one, is it doesn't really take the viewer anywhere special or do anything, especially interesting or even novel. That is to say, it doesn't take any "risks". Instead, it cut and pastes from any vehicle based action flick you care to name but does so in a rather passive, assimilate-ive, "safe" way. The final product is watchable but equally unremarkable. It could have been better, if it had been more willing, to try something new or even a little different.